Price list

Below you will find our 2021 updated price list for each service we provide. For custom builds outside of these we charge per job only.

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"For mobile welding we would prefer to quote for the whole job, this quote would be the price you will pay regardless if the job overruns on time ect. however we do work on a per hour basis if you request it."


Power supplied on-site, mild steel/galvanised -10mm, warranty on welds.

£35 p/h


+materials (steel stock)


Use of a generator, mild steel -50mm, stainless steel -15mm, warranty on weldsG


£40 p/h


+materials (steel stock)


Use of a generator/ power on-site, Aluminium welding. Warranty on welds.


£60 p/h


+materials (steel stock)

* Local rates within 15 mile radius, outside of that the first hour is 2x.



"For vehicle welding we use three stages for instance budget would be ideal if you don't care how it looks and just need to get through the MOT. However or premium service will be unnoticeable, strong and is more suited to high end or classic cars"


The cheapest option, no-thrills repair. The repair will be obvious to see, all finishing to be done by customer. No warranty provided



This is the most popular option, the repair will be blended in where possible and will be sprayed over with zinc/primer rust proof coating. 2 year free repair warranty on all work carried out.

£ £


A premium repair, completely blended in, once painted it would be unnoticeable. This would be a service a lot of owners of classic cars use. Zinc coated for rust protection and sprayed with a primer top coat. 10 Year free repair warranty all work carried out.


£ £ £

A colour-matched respray can be arranged at extra cost

** You can request a per hour price for vehicle welding if you would prefer, however we would strongly recommend the above options.


"We can design and build custom gates, railings, handrails and balustrades, using a selection of materials. For repairs use our mobile welding pricing."


Supplied as a bare metal to be painted by customer, basic design using either tube or square section steel.


+ galvanised/and or fitted at a extra cost.


Supplied galvanised and painted one solid colour, more intricate design than in "bare metal" using solid round bar or square stock, with cast decorations


£ £

+ fitting at extra cost


Supplied galvanised, painted and fitted, an intricate design using solid steel work or multiple materials ie. traditional ironwork combined with polished stainless steel.


£ £ £